The Golden Pony Takeover

So a few weeks back, we decided to surprise our ol school homeboy on his Bday with a few outta-town hooligans comin to remind him how Rad he is and where he came from! Galibanting around H-Burg, we intoxicatingly reminisced about the college years we lived there and all the stupid shit we did… But there’s just something special about that dog-food smelling town that just melts my heart. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of young adulthood and a loft full of a very diverse form of misfits. Either way, the town of Harrisonburg is still cool as fuck! Especially with the addition of The Golden Pony a few years back. Kick ass place with great vibes and a knack for awesome artwork and live music. Can’t beat it! Well, there’s plenty to discover, explore and appreciate in good ol H-Burg, but here’s a few pics from our lil excursion. Thanks for lookin.